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7. Cathouse Lil

Cathouse Lil © 2007 Music : B.Ferrier. Words B.Ferrier& F. Howson

As we mention elsewhere on our site, there ain’t no place in the blues for superannuation policies, Volvos or gold futures, but there’s always plenty of space for revenge, teenage prostitutes and .38 slugs.

This song has probably had one of the longest gestation periods in history. It began as a riff I made up around a couple of lines of lyrics sent to me by my long term music theatre collaborator (and later film director) Frank Howson way back in the seventies. There was always the spark of a good idea there, but it never came to anything and, though I’d pluck that riff from time to time, as a piece it remained incomplete and mysterious.

It took twenty odd years for the story to finally tell itself to me in ‘07.

Cathouse Lil Song Lyrics