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2. Runaway Train

Runaway Train © 2005 Words & Music : B.Ferrier

Baz says: I love the hot swing jazz of Django Rheinhardt & Stephan Grapelli and this tune began as an affectionate tribute to these two authentic heroes of happy music. It hung around in the back of my head as an instrumental for a quite a while, and I even performed it in that form some years back at the now defunct Gold Coast International Jazz & Blues Festival.

The best songs revolve around a lyric idea/concept and one winter’s night in ‘07 a light bulb came on while I was strumming on my back verandah in Bangalow and the lyrics popped out, virtually intact. Glenny Rae’s knowing violin gives it that unmistakable uplifting, ‘Hot Club of Paris’ sound, but Slim’s production influence has lent a country tinge to the track.

Runaway Train Song Lyrics

Came home last night, it had happened again
She left me a note that didn’t explain
It was a matter of time, till she got it back into her brain
My baby’s gone like a Runaway Train

I grabbed my keys, but the car won’t start again
A walk in the dark, through the park, in the pouring rain
That crazy young thing is driving me insane
Help me I’m chasing a Runaway Train

Runaway Train rolling through the night,
me and my baby we never fight
But when she gets crazy again
She’s out on the track with a full head of steam
like a Runaway Train

Called up  her sisters and woke her in vain
It was quarter to three, she went off her brain
I had nothing to lose and everything to gain
Help me I’m chasing a Runaway Train

Caught a cab to the airport but I missed the plane
Had to hitch-hike my way clear across Spain
I know all the places she goes, when she’s leaving me again
Help me I’m chasing a Runaway Train


I wish they hadn’t changed her medication again
A once-smouldering fire is a raging flame
Think I’ll take those little white pills, and flush them all down the drain,

Help me I’m chasing a Runaway Train

Slim Pickens & Doctor Baz Runaway Train Lyrics from Next Time CD