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Cajun Cowboy Blues from Australia

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Cajun Cowboy Blues

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OK, So what exactly IS

good-time 'CAJUN COWBOY BLUES' ?

Well to be honest, we don't rightly know exactly how to pidgeon-hole this mysterious, magical and elusive, if not almost non-existent musical form into mere words ... has an acoustic country blues tinge, lashings of western swing, a solid core of delta blues, and is spiced up by some hot cajun grooves...

(We hope this page may help.)

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country blues

Slim’s childhood memories have had a huge influence on the genre of music that he is now playing.

His father was a professional guitar player and music teacher and so in Slim’s early childhood in the 1950’s he was soaked in American music and surrounded by musicians.

He retains strong memories of hearing songs by Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Jimmie Rodgers and the cowboy country legends of America and Australia.

Discovering Ry Cooder in the 70s was a revelation for Slim and this was a turning point which inspired him to take up the slide guitar - he had found a new music which music somehow sounded so "right".

Other influences, such as blues players  Josh White, John Hammond, John Mayall and the music of Flaco Jiminez  (the tex-mex accordion star), have seaped in and are some of the strands that are woven into the unique style that Slim and Baz have made into their own….

A sound for which they have coined the phrase ‘Cajun Cowboy Blues’.

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The live show:

Two (sometimes three, sometimes more) highly accomplished multi-instrumentalists working seamlessly as one unit ;  original music that is immediately accessible, yet quirky and fun.

Our combination of old-timey “roots” blues styles and Australian “story” songs with an unexpected Cajun flavour (suggested by the introduction of the accordion) produces a foot-stomping good-time sound that is easy to listen to and dance to, and appeals to a surprisingly wide range of age-groups.

As a duo, Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz have begun to record and perform original songs that have been developed to work within and expand their vision of an Australian style of country/cajun blues.

Their work aims for a high standard of vocal and instrumental quality in performances and recordings. As well as their original material they perform songs by early blues / folk storytellers such as Leadbelly, Charlie Patton and Woody Guthrie, whose songs came out of the life experience of itinerant workers.

They consciously attempt to highlight the strong parallel between this source of inspiration and Australian outback life. By including songs which reflect and celebrate this connection/parallel, they are evolving a unique and authentic blues sound with a distinct Australian slant.

Their original songs have grown out of an exposure to the great blues storytellers, but tempered by the definitive stamp and humour of the Australian experience, cultural heritage and imagery.

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Slim is currently adding finishing touches to his 2nd solo album “Pass it On” (which includes 5 original songs, and his versions of 2 songs by high-profile 1970s Melbourne band “The Dingoes”, which specifically reflect Australian outback life).

As Doctor Baz says of their debut album :

"'Cactus' was recorded in my spare bedroom with the mikes set up in the bathroom - no digital effects, real reverb. It makes a clear, no-frills statement of our evolving artistic vision and it resonates with a broad range of people, because of it’s simplicity and authentic feel, which puts it outside of contemporary style issues... yet in fact it clearly states a style that we've come to realise is our own invention. On it we create a nostalgic aura, reminiscent of a music and a time that never really existed, except in our heads... and maybe in the movies."

true blue

On the 2004-5 tours in Norway, audiences were fascinated by the idea of an Australian Blues outfit, and the duo fielded numerous requests for - you guessed it - “Waltzing Matilda”. They felt obliged to evolve  a sophisticated instrumental version of this classic folk song, played in an up-beat, rhythmic, fingerpicking guitar style, with the melody taken by the steel resonator slide guitar.

they don't make that stuff no more

2008 was a big year for Slim and Dr. Baz - they co-produced the album "Next Time" on which they have taken their sound to a new level. It comprises 10 original Dr. Baz tunes, a nifty up-beat story song by Slim and the Memphis Minnie McCoy stomper "The Mill".

It features outstanding guest appearances by Glennie-Rae on fiddle, Doc Spann on harp (the Mill) and Davey Rankin makes an outstanding contribution with his hilarious and melancholy trombone solo on "Get Happy".

Slim and the Doctor also produced an amusing video clip for one of the songs entitled "Blues and Roots Music".

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'Next Time' is a mature statement of the Slim Pickens & Doctor Baz sound with authentic acoustic blues elements, a distinct 'rootsy', old-time quality, strong rhythmic feel, confident and polished vocals, unusual and evocative instrumentation...

...and the whole outing is tinged with a distinct Australian country blues flavour and a lyrical humour that sets their music apart from “serious”, bourbon-soaked styles of blues music ...'s all just good-time cajun cowboy blues...


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