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Cactus - debut CD

Introducing Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz's debut CD :


Cactus : a leafless and spikey plant, often producing showy flowers, native of hot dry regions...

In Australian colloquial usage if a thing is cactus it is:

"ruined, old and burnt-out, broken down, beyond repair";

as in : "...this bloody old truck is cactus!!!!".

Cactus - the first cd release by Australian acoustic blues artists Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz
The rear cover showing the song titles featured on
Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz play cajun cowboy blues like you never heard before

"Cactus" is a foot-stompin' collection of some of our favourite roots music (played in 'cajun cowboy blues' style), plus a couple of choice originals.

Winner of 2004 NCEIA 'Dolphin' Award.

Some musical excerpts from "Cactus"

In the boxes below you can play some samples from "Cactus" .

( To download the complete version of these songs as high quality stereo files

go to the online shop).

Bring it On Home

by Willie Dixon

Read some interesting background on the colourful life of this great blues artist. A one-time heavy-weight boxing champ, Willie Dixon was an influential & inventive songwriter. His songs were later ripped off by a famous group of 'blues-rock gods' but Willie had his day in court.

See lyrics to "Bring It On Home" and read more... here.

Scottsborough Boys

by Leadbelly

Leadbelly's up-beat tribute to the 9 young victims of U.S. racism during the Depression era, whose controversially unjust trial became a catalyst for change in attitudes to civil rights.

Ditty Wah Ditty

by Blind Blake,

the king of ragtime guitar and the great mystery man of the blues, (includes a profile of what little is known of this enigmatic guitar genius)

A dry but catchy original song written by Slim Pickens, inspired by a night at Bangalow Pub.

Who Cares?

by Slim Pickens

To order go to the online shop, or just email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special on-line price AUD $25, inc. postage. (Add AUD $5 outside Australia.)

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