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12. Save Me

Save Me From Myself  © 2007 Words & Music : B.Ferrier

Baz says: Some songs you graft away at for aeons and some just come. I just love those songs that are beamed to you from outer space, like you’re a radio transmitter – one minute they don’t exist – next minute they’re complete.

The “Next Time” CD was beginning to take shape in October ’07, and Slim and I had talked that day about coming up with a gospel song to round out the album - because gospel is one of the big influences in our early repertoire.

That night I sat down to try, and I played a big round D chord on my old Maton… and, picturing a Baptist Church somewhere in the Deep South of Hollywood, I started in with the heartfelt appeal “Lord won’t you save me…”.

Save me from what …(I had to ask)?

Save Me From Myself - song lyrics by Dr. Baz

Oh Lord won’t you save me from myself -

I’ve been a fool with my money,
Stayed up to see the sunrise,
Made love to a cold hearted woman,
Done dumb things I thought were so wise...
I know you forgave me,
But why won’t you save me ?

Lord won’t you save me from my friends:
Save me from best of intentions,
Save me from minding the cat,
Save me from pyramid selling,
Save me from chain-mail and chat...
I know I forgave them,
But Lord won’t you save them from themselves

Lord won’t you save me from the pain
I’m gonna feel in the morning
Spare me the signs I’m ignoring
I got down low with the Devil
Overtook in the fast lane
I know you forgave me,
But why won’t you save me ?
Oh Lord won’t you save me from myself?