Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz - Australian Blues Music

Cajun Cowboy Blues from Australia

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11. Cajun Cowboy Blues

The Cajun Cowboy Blues © 2005 Words & Music : B.Ferrier

Baz says: People often ask musicians what sort of music they play. Musicians invariably have trouble answering this most basic question, and most of them eventually have to get a publicist to write it up for them.

As we were between publicists, Slim - in a moment of sheer marketing genius - dubbed our music ‘Cajun Cowboy Blues’, a term which I  immediately fell in love with, because it’s an evocative style of music that never actually existed.

Put on your dancing shoes
One ting for certain - We ain’t got nothing to lose
Switch off the CNN bad news
Let’s go out dancing to some Cajun Cowboy Blues

I sure don’t need no bad excuse
For drinking beer, singing songs and hanging loose
There is a feeling I could use
Play me some squeezin, pickin' Cajun Cowboy Blues

Yodel-ladle lady-whoodle ladle-ladle-lady Hi
Oh me, oh my!
You can light my fuse
Just play some pickin’, squeezin’  Cajun Cowboy Blues

Way out beyond the Black Snake Swamp
There’s a place old cowboys to do the Canetoad Stomp
I’ll meet you down at Susie Q’s
They got a band that plays them Cajun Cowboy Blues

Don’t matter if you’re young or old
Gotta find a way to get some music in your soul
We’ve done our time, we’ve paid our dues
Let’s Play some squeezing’ pickin’ Cajun Cowboy Blues

Yodel-ladle-lady whoodle-ladle ladle-lady Hi
Oh me, oh my!

Set fire to my shoes
Play me some squeezing pickin Cajun Cowboy Blues

There is a feeling I could use
Let’s go out dancing to some Cajun Cowboy Blues

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