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Man of His Times Video

Man of His Times © 2007 Words & Music : B.Ferrier



Baz says : This song began as a conscious attempt to sit down and write a definitive  original ‘Slim & Baz’ song – (something that never actually existed before) and I’m happy to say I think I came pretty close with this one. It’s a little bit country, sits nicely in open D on the resonator guitar, has a bunch of (I guess what you’d call) ‘unserious’ lyrics  - grooves along nicely, and we could play it straight up, with out having to think too much. Hugh Hefner got into the picture because he was about as far from old-timey, hillbilly music as you can get – which I guess is called ‘creative tension’. And once ol’ Hugh had said hello, well…it all just flowed on naturally from there until, to my delight, I found out what I was actually writing about when I got to the last verse...

Man of His Times - Slim Pickens & Dr. Baz

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Good old Hugh Hefner -
He knows how to live
He never toed no careful line
He saw just how a simple man like me should live
He is a man of his times

Hugh Hefner - Man of His Times

Lives in a mansion
With a heated pool
He’s got such good taste in fine wine
He’s had more ladies than a man like me could dream
Knows how to have a good time

Albert Einstein - Man of His Times

Old Albert Einstein
Turned Time into Space
Then he turned Space back into Time
He was the genius of Relativity
He was a man of his times

Elvis presley - Man of His Times

Then there was Elvis, Elvis was the King
He was a hero of mine
The way his story went it was a tragedy
Came to the end of the line

Johnny Cash in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
There’s a party going on
And Johnny Cash is still walking the line
When the Man in Black went down in a Ring of Fire
He was a man of his times

Men of Their Times

We all need heroes, and a little hope
And we’ll all get along just fine
Just like Hugh Hefner sitting in my swimming pool
I’ll be a man of my times
Just like Hugh Hefner I’m gonna be so cool
He was a Man of His Times.
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